10 Ways To Deal With Greening Out | RST

Greening out is almost an inevitable event if you’re committed to being a stoner. How else would we learn our limits? The best ways to deal with a green out are to breathe, lay down and distract yourself by doing things you like (such as listening to music). If things get really rough, you could even make yourself puke. Remember that it’s all in your head and only a matter of time before the weed wears off and you go completely back to normal!

Even the most seasoned stoner has greened out before. Nobody is beyond the effect of smoking too much weed. And if you really love ganja, it’s easy to push it a little bit too far. Greening out is something different for everybody. For some, it’s the feeling of dizziness and nausea. For others, it’s a full blown psychotic episode. I even know people who think they

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