Rampaging woman, neck stabbers, paedophile foster carer – everyone jailed in Bristol this week

The past week has been a busy one at Bristol Crown Court and Bristol Magistrates’ Court.

Amongst the trials and hearings have been dozens of sentences.

Here are some of the people behind some of Bristol’s most severe crimes who have been sent to jail.

Foster carer turned out to be paedophile who sexually abused two girls

Foster carer Stephen Banks convicted of sexually abusing two girls

A sexually abused youngster hoping for sanctuary in a new home was then abused by her paedophile foster carer.

MOD worker Stephen Banks had a positive influence on many foster children in his time.

But he secretly preyed on one previously abused girl to act out his sexual desires with, Bristol Crown Court heard.

He targeted her and another girl when they were aged under 16.

Banks, 51, of Brangwyn Grove in Lockleaze, denied wrongdoing and forced

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