This Genius Used A Piece Of Pasta To Upgrade His Joint | RST

Stoner innovations are at an all-time high

With cannabis becoming widespread across the United States, you are also seeing a giant boost in cannabis creativity.

There are a lot of people creating pipes out of anything they can find. This ranges from somethings simple like a cucumber to something more complex, like a stereo.

Where are the joint innovations?

You may have trouble perfecting your joint if you are not an experienced joint-roller. You may try to pack too much herb, only to find out that it’s impossible to roll without making a huge mess. If you use too little herb, you’ll be smoking a skimpy joint that will position you as the laughing-stock amongst your stoner friends. If your mouthpiece is too loose, then you’ll find yourself sucking in some fresh herb.

So, we can definitely agree that there has been a lack of innovation,

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