Will New Mexico get recreational weed or the ‘right to die’?

We are down to the wire for the 2019 session of the New Mexico Legislature.

The state was buzzing with excitement before the start of the 60-day legislative session. A new governor had just taken office, and both chambers of the Legislature were under the control of Democrats, fueling a notion that this session would see significant progress on multiple high-profile fronts.

Some of that excitement was worthwhile. A handful of the bills debated by lawmakers this year have passed the House, Senate and been signed by the governor — or are currently waiting for her signature. But at the same time, some initiatives that at first seemed like they were a given, like legalizing recreational marijuana, now appear all but dead.

The legislative session finishes on Friday (March 15).

Here’s a breakdown of 10 important bills and where they stand: already law, will likely become law or probably dead in the water.

Already law


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