Bristol court listings, week ending November 3: Find out who was convicted at the city’s magistrates’ court

Here is your comprehensive rundown of all the convictions at Bristol Magistrates’ Court this week.

On Friday we published the court listings from last week, up to October 27. This was due to a delay in receipt of them owing to staff holidays.

And now here is the list for this week – up to November 3, 2017.

This list is published in partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service South West and is a matter of public record.

Note that the defendant’s age follow their name and, where possible, a guilty plea is indicated. A guilty plea sees the defendant automatically convicted of the offence, before their defence solicitor mitigates on their behalf in an attempt to convince magistrates to hand down a lesser sentence.

Nicholas Chard (35) of Station Road, Bristol. Pleaded guilty to theft from HSS

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