California Cannabis Labs Are Finding Toxic Metal in Vape Carts

“Lead is a boogeyman metal,” says Peter Hackett, a vape hardware expert with the company AiR Vapor, which imports vaporizer cartridges to the US. “Baby boomers and their children are very aware of its dangers.”

At SC Labs, founder Josh Wurzer reports that about 0.5% of the vape cart batches he’s tested have failed for lead. “We’ve seen some issue,” he said. “Out of the thousands we’ve tested, we’ve had a very small portion over the limit.”

Other labs might have higher fail rates, Wurzer said. “I have heard anecdotally some people have had issues with weird, wonky metal results and a ton of failures.”

David Hua runs Meadow, a cannabis software company, and sits on the board of the California Cannabis Industry Association. He, too, is hearing reports about lead in carts.

“We’ve had a number of people that I’ve run into who are saying that there’s issues with cartridges passing — primarily

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