Former Liberty Health Sciences CEO resigns, sex assault case pending

The former CEO of a Toronto-based medical cannabis company tied to Alachua County has been accused of sexual assault, State Attorney Bill Cervone confirmed Wednesday.

The University of Florida Police Department filed a sworn complaint Sept. 10 against George Scorsis, 42, the former CEO of Liberty Health Sciences from July 2017 to Feb. 22, when he resigned.

Scorsis, previously president of Red Bull Canada, has not been arrested or charged by the State Attorney’s office. Cervone said the case is still pending as prosecutors decide whether to move forward.

“This is simply an accusation of sexual assault,” Cervone said.

However, both Cervone and University police chose not to disclose information regarding the case, citing Marsy’s Law, an amendment to Florida’s constitution focused on protecting the rights of crime victims. Cervone also said because of Marsy’s Law, the sworn complaint is not a public record until a warrant has been issued, an

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