Jailed this week in Bristol: ‘Monster’ paedophile, drug-addicted arsonist and football fraudster

Despite the bitterly cold temperatures, the defence and the prosecution still managed to struggle their way into Bristol’s Crown Court this week.

And the crimes for which several people were jailed are sure to leave you cold.

They include a man who murdered his estranged wife. He was found guilty the previous week but his inevitable sentencing was this week.

This week saw come to light a shocking tale of a monster allowed to abuse a a little girl when her mother did nothing.

Meanwhile a football coach who swindled £5 million from schools and colleges through a bogus scheme got his comeuppance.

For all this and more – here is our summary of everyone who was jailed this week.

William Harman

William Harman
(Image: Avon and Somerset police)

Harman was a “monster who committed monstrous acts” on a little girl because her mum was too scared to

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