Ontario Announces Sex-Ed Changes, Keeps Controversial 2015 Material

The Ontario government has announced an update to the province’s education program, but critics say the sex-ed curriculum remains largely the same as the one from 2015, which many parents objected to for including gender identity theory, among other controversial topics.

At a March 15 news conference in Toronto, Education Minister Lisa Thompson said there will be a modernized “age-appropriate” sex-education curriculum as a result of consultations with parents and the public; however, all the concepts from the 2015 curriculum would be still be taught.

The 2015 curriculum, brought in by the previous government under Kathleen Wynne, drew criticism for exposing children to material that was inappropriate for their age. The Ford government scrapped that curriculum in 2018 citing concerns from parents, and promised to craft an age-appropriate version based on consultations with parents and the public.

The update means children from grade one to eight will now learn about online safety, mental

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