7 Facts About Marijuana’s Connection to Sex

Marijuana is known for its ability to release THC into the bloodstream, which creates a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Different people react differently to the drug. For some, the drug eliminates any anxiety that was once a barrier between social anxiety and a regular well-balanced sex life. studies have found some great benefits when it comes to being high while having sex.

1) Marijuana Helps Increase Sex Drive

Experiments have found that marijuana contains certain compounds that ease sex drive in men and woman. Studies have found that the more individuals use marijuana the more sex they’ve had. Smoking Marijuana doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to have more sex. For example, those who are drawn to marijuana may be less thrill seekers, after using the cannabis they are more likely able to seek out sexual encounters. Certain strains of Sativa’s deliver an energetic, arousing and relaxing effect that increases

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