Used condoms and sex on rotting sofas – on patrol with police fighting Soho Road kerb crawlers

“Don’t come to Handsworth, we will catch you.”

That is the police message to kerb crawlers exploiting vulnerable women selling sex on a main road through Birmingham.

These are women who have been raped, robbed, beaten and worse – but desperation pushes them to continue selling their bodies for cash.

But despite their trauma, men still eyeball them, negotiate prices through car windows and engage in sex on rotting flytipped sofas and in darkened street alleyways.

If this sickening ‘demand’ for prostitution on Soho Road disappeared, so would the street walkers, police stress.

In just six patrols, police caught 21 men with sex workers on the busy road, where kerb crawling has become a “neighbourhood priority”.

Officers dished out awareness courses, warnings and one even faced court for using the women for sex.

The prosecutions handed out by police are effective too, with officers claiming: “We’ve never seen the same man twice.”

A police letter to

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