‘Cannabis consumers aren’t just buying it to get high’

When Mihi’s team set out to better understand cannabis users, they may not have expected quite so much intimate detail.

A 38-year-old mother, for example, revealed that she uses cannabis to “enhance sex with her husband and allow her to stop thinking so hard.” Another customer admitted she insists on sharing a Red Bull with her dealer or having a conversation before buying marijuana to make it feel more like “socializing” and less like “something bad.” Then there was the man who swore by purple kush as a digestive aid.



Unvarnished insight into consumers, however, is what the company (pronounced “mee-hee”) believes will help them dominate the emerging retail market for cannabis in Ontario. Although the chain has yet to cut a ribbon on any of the 43 stores it plans to open—the government is still reviewing applications for retail licenses, with decisions to be announced imminently—the company has invested $1 million

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