Drugs before sex more common in UK than in Europe or US – study

UK citizens are more likely than Europeans or those living in the US to have taken drugs such as MDMA and cocaine before sex during the last year, according to a new study.

Researchers used data from the Global Drug Survey of roughly 22,000 people to find that 64% (4,719) of people surveyed from the UK had had sex having drunk alcohol, compared with 60% (1,296) from Europe and 55% (2064) from the US.

Of those who took part in the study, the number who combined sex and cocaine was 13% from the UK (936) compared to 8% from Europe. Similarly, a higher number said they had had sex after MDMA, with 20% of those who participated in the survey from the UK saying they had done so against 15% from the US and Europe.

The study’s lead author, Dr Will Lawn, noted that because the study was self-selecting, the proportion in the

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