People Like Mixing These Drugs With Sex, Says Study

These Are the (Mostly Legal) Drugs You Like Mixing With Sex

Looking for ways to enhance your time between the sheets? It turns out a lot of people are using drugs for better sex.

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Researchers in the U.K. examined data from nearly 23,000 respondents in the Global Drug Survey and found that gay, bisexual, and heterosexual men and women in multiple countries all enjoyed taking drugs before sex. But not just any drug. Nearly 60 percent of women and men indicated that alcohol was their go-to; a third of men and a quarter of the women surveyed said they preferred cannabis.

After alcohol and cannabis, 15 percent of men and women both chose MDMA — or ecstasy — before having sex. This was followed by drugs such as ketamine and “poppers.” Surprisingly, Viagra ended up at the bottom

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