Zimbabwe Medicinal Cannabis Project Hailed

The Minister of Health and Child Care Honourable Obadiah Moyo today confirmed that Zimbabwe was hailed for its contribution to Medicinal Cannabis (mbanje) at a workshop he attended last weekend in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cannabis is made from the dried flowering heads and leaves of a plant called Cannabis sativa.

During the Minister’s presentation to the Health and Child Care Parliament Committee, Honorable Moyo said that medicinal cannabis is being used for cancer treatment and many other diseases.

“The other countries were happy about what Zimbabwe has contributed towards medicinal cannabis farming. What we have to make sure is to stay in the parameters so that the production of the plant is controlled,” said the Minister.

He added, “We are doing all we can to make sure that the plant is cultivated in a controlled environment by licensed farmers in order to monitor all processes.”

Medical cannabis is used to treat a number of

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