On Cloud Nine with pot-smoking nuns: Meet the sisters whose religion is cannabis.

There will be no church service, hymns, or feast after Lent fasting for the Sisters of the Valley next weekend. That’s not the way these women do Easter.

They’re more likely to roll a joint, give thanks to Mother Earth and sit down to a shared plant-based meal. Welcome to the world of the feminist nuns whose religion is cannabis.

Their base is Merced, California, a place described by one nun as specialising in growing toothless meth addicts, but the Sisters also have branches in Denmark, Britain, and most recently, New Zealand.

A documentary launched later this month on the sisterhood called Breaking Habits largely highlights the combative nature of their enterprise. There’s a confronting image of nuns with guns, interviews with disapproving sheriffs, cops, a holy roller minister and a hood hired to keep their crop safe.

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