Gambling, drinking and shooting ranges: Is gun tourism just another Las Vegas attraction?

After the Route 91 Harvest festival massacre, Las Vegas residents created an informal memorial at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, not far from casinos, one of the world’s largest souvenir shops and the Strip Gun Club.

Although its darkened windows and red-and-black color scheme make it look like its business is naked women, the Strip Gun Club is a shooting range. Inside, customers can spend between $100 and $2,000 to shoot pistols, sniper rifles and automatic weapons, choosing from a menu that features beautiful women holding the firearms.

The range also features chromed .50 caliber machine guns, which the range’s website boasts that former TV news anchor Dan Rather once referred to as “the mother of all machine guns.”

The Strip Gun Club is not the only Las Vegas range catering to tourists eager to try out the firearms they’ve seen in movies and TV. In addition

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