Illinois House passes bill calling for teaching work ethics in schools

A number of Republicans opposed the bill, arguing that it would be an unfunded mandate on schools and teachers, and that most teachers were already providing that kind of instruction.

The legislation, House Bill 2263, passed by a vote of 69- 39. It now moves to the Senate.

Here’s a look at other bills that passed the House late this week:

HB 3462: Allows school districts to offer courses on hunting safety, based on possible guidelines developed by the State Board of Education. Vote: 114-0

HB 2847: States that employers cannot retaliate against an employee for requesting leave to donate blood, organs, or bone marrow. Vote: 114-0

HB 3302: Updates the state’s law to allow two years for someone to file complaints concerning delays and denials of special education services. Timeline contingent on the creation of the State Board of Education’s “student-specific corrective action plan.” Vote: 114-0

HB 2121: Removes the lifetime

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