Cannabis Brands Take Note: Stoli’s LGBTQ Ambassador Reveals How To Be a Genuine Corporate Ally

With Pride Month fast approaching, it’s only a matter of time until massive corporations hop on the LGBTQ bandwagon and promote a “gay” product for the entirety of June. Cards Against Humanity hilariously summed it up last year, when they unleashed their Pride Pack.

“It’s Pride Month, the time of year when companies put a rainbow on their products to capitalize on gay culture. Fabulous!” they jokingly wrote on their website.

While it’s undoubtedly great that multi-million dollar corporations donate a large portion of their pride product proceeds to LGBTQ causes — queer people — myself included, easily see through these companies’ so-called “commitment” to the LGBTQ community.  

Slapping a rainbow on a pair of shoes for one month of out of the year, but not giving a damn about queers for the other 11 months doesn’t make your company an ally. Neither does naming a strain of weed Laganja

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