Cannabis users require more sedatives than nonusers when undergoing endoscopic surgery

Patients who regularly used cannabis needed higher doses of sedatives before endoscopic-related surgical procedures, according to findings recently published in the Journal of American Osteopathic Association.

“Research relating to the effects of cannabis use on the dose requirements for sedation medications [is] lacking,” Mark A. Twardowski, DO, of Western Medical Associates in Grand Junction, Colorado, and colleagues wrote.

Researchers reviewed 250 patients’ medical records (cannabis users, 25).

Twardowski and colleagues found that those who ingested or smoked cannabis regularly — daily or weekly — required sedation for endoscopic procedures at a rate significantly higher than those who did not regularly use cannabis. This link was maintained when the data were adjusted for age, sex, and use of alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates (P= .05).

Researchers suggested adding questions to patient intake forms that specifically ask about cannabis use may help gather “useful information that influences patient care,” according to a press release.

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