What impact does cannabis consumption have on our hormones?

What are your reasons for consuming cannabis and different cannabinoids? Is it because of the plant’s wide array of medicinal and therapeutic benefits? Is it because of the well-being and quality of life improvements it can deliver? Or does it serve a different purpose in your life?

Although we have our specific reasons for consuming cannabis, it’s important to understand the role it plays internally and externally. Specifically, cannabis impacts a plethora of hormones including, but not limited to: estrogen, testosterone, and growth hormones. But how so?

Keep reading to learn about the role cannabis plays in hormone production, the significance of the body’s endocrine system, and different research findings that shed light on the relationship between cannabis and various hormones.

The Significance of The Endocrine System and Various Hormones 

Within the human body, different systems work together to maintain homeostasis and fulfill their designated responsibilities. In particular, the endocrine system is responsible for

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