Wisconsin roundup: Legislator to re-introduce bill to fully legalize…

Rep. Melissa Sargent will be joined by fellow legislators and cannabis advocates. Sargent previously sponsored marijuana bills that have gone nowhere in the Republican-controlled legislature. Sargent points to a Marquette Law School poll that found 61 percent of Wisconsin residents are in favor of legal marijuana. Gov. Tony Evers has proposed decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana and supports legalizing medical cannabis.

Wis. SeniorCare program extended 10 years

The federal government has notified the state of Wisconsin its SeniorCare program has been extended for 10 years.

SeniorCare makes prescription drugs available to people 65 and older for between $5 and $10, with no gaps in coverage. Users pay $30 a year. Members of both parties say the program is a success 17 years after it was first put into place. Extensions are normally for three years, so the 10-year announcement is being called good, but unusual.

Evers: ‘Unrealistic’ to think Foxconn will employ

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