Zelensky supports legalization of prostitution, marijuana in Ukraine: Ukraine could have own Las Vegas


“Medical marijuana – I think that this is normal [to legalize it] – it’s sold in droplets. By the way, I consulted Yevhen Olehovych Komarovsky [a leading Ukrainian pediatrician] on this matter. Yes, I support legalization of such droplets,” he told the RBC Ukraine news agency on April 18.

As for the legalization of prostitution, Zelensky said there should be an opportunity to “sell sex for money” within a certain Ukrainian city.

“Sex for money? Honestly, guys, I think we have the opportunity – and I’ll answer all the previous questions here – to set up ‘Las Vegas’ [in the country]. The society would not mind, as taxes would be paid. Why not give an opportunity to a certain city or territory and open it all there,” he added.

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At the same time, the presidential candidate believes

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