Learning a New Language Expands the Brain

Learning a new language makes the brain grow, according to a new study. Swedish scientists studied young recruits at the Swedish Armed Forces Interpreter Academy by measuring the brains of participants before and after the language training.

Students accepted to the academy typically go from having no knowledge of a language such as Arabic, Russian or Mandarin to speaking it fluently after 13 months.  Recruits at this academy study from morning to evening, weekdays and weekends and the recruits study at a pace quicker than any other language course.   

Researchers compared students at the language academy with a control group made up of medicine and cognitive science students at Umeå University. Researchers explained that the non-language students at the university still studied hard, but not languages.

Both groups had undergone MRI scans before and after a three-month period of intensive study. Results of the study show that while the brain structure of

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