New Research Yields Insights into Effect of Light Cycles on Cannabis Flowering

While many appreciate the therapeutic and recreational benefits of cannabis, few are familiar with the process that governs cannabis flowering, or the conditions that are required for optimal growth.

When cannabis reaches the flowering stage, vegetative growth slows and flower buds begin to appear.  As the buds enlarge, the pungent, unmistakably aromatic cannabis scent also intensifies with the development of trichomes, the hairy, resinous glands on the cannabis inflorescence, which comprises the complete flower head of a plant. Cannabis flowers are considered mature and ready to harvest when the trichomes change color from clear to opaque.

In-depth scientific investigations into cannabis flowering have been limited up until now, due to legal barriers that stem from the plant’s federal classification as a Schedule I drug. With the easing of legal restrictions occurring on both medical and recreational fronts throughout the United States and the rest of the world, however, there is a

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