Davenport commission issues support for medical marijuana facility

DAVENPORT — With the citrus industry struggling, the Davenport City Commission has its eyes on a new cash crop.

During Monday’s meeting, the commission voted 5-0 to author a letter of support to the state to bring a medical marijuana cultivation facility to the Holly Hill citrus plant on U.S. 17/92. If approved by the state, members of the marijuana company Starbuds would be hired by the citrus company.

“You’ll never know anything is happening inside by driving through there,” said Warren McKnight, the owner of Holly Hill. “It’s strictly for medical purposes.”

The proposed plan would be to manufacture and distribute medical marijuana, but only to dispensaries owned by Starbuds. The state does not allow wholesaling of the product. The state is not currently issuing licenses for cultivation, but is set to allow four more as patient numbers grow.

“We’re really in the compliance industry,” said Michael “Caddy” Cadwell, chief success

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