Teenage Cannabis Use Linked to Memory Problems

Teenagers who use cannabis could be at risk of developing problems with memory, scientists believe.

Researchers looked at 3,826 students attending schools in the Greater Montreal area of Canada. Every year from grade seven to grade 11, the team asked the participants whether they used drugs including cannabis and alcohol. They also tested their memory, visual reasoning skills and inhibition levels. On a 6-point scale marked from ranging from “never” to “every day,” participants answered how often they used a particular substance, and answered how many alcoholic drinks they’d have in one session. 

Students who took part were reassured their answers would be anonymized, so they weren’t put off from answering honestly. Information like the participants’ socioeconomic status and sex was also collected.

Using cannabis was linked to issues with memory, inhibition control and reasoning. The same was not observed in those who used alcohol. The more often the students used drugs including cannabis, the lower their scores

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