Police in India Keep Seizing Large Quantities of Weed

In a major downer for potheads everywhere, police in India have been seizing large quantities of cannabis off late. And now, they’ve caught over 3,000 kgs worth of it in Odisha on June 9. Busting a major drug racket that involved 34 people selling cannabis worth Rs 2 crore, this is the third weed bust that’s happened this week.

On June 4, the Assam police posted a picture of all the pot they had caught, flexing how they had managed to seize about 590 kgs of it through a Twitter post with the perfect amount of shade. They were able to catch over 50 cartons of cannabis through an operation that used intelligence inputs.

Soon after that, the Hyderabad Task Force Police arrested two dealers and got hold of 200 kgs of ganja. The dealers caught said they were doing so to earn an income

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