Toke is it! Coca-Cola mulls cannabis drinks

A HUNDRED years ago, Coca Cola contained cocaine and was held up as a cure for impotence, headaches and morphine addiction. The hard narcotics are long gone, but folk are aflutter at the possibility that the fizzy drink might one day contain cannabis. For it emerged this week that Coca-Cola, the company, is taking a close look at the cannabis-drinks sector.

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Weed-lovers will be disappointed. The ingredient being considered by Coca-Cola is, for now, a non-psychoactive one. Known as cannabidiol (CBD), this extract is already quite widely used as a food supplement. Users say it helps with anxiety, chronic pain and mood disorders. Smaller firms have already added it to soft drinks and bottled waters.

But thanks to the trend towards legalisation of cannabis across North America there is also growing interest in using the

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