Leo Varadkar’s heartlessness on medicinal cannabis question sums up his approach to leadership

“Same reply.”

There is no rule that says the leader of a country must be polite. Indeed, it would be ludicrous to expect a Taoiseach to be unfailingly courteous when dealing with members of the opposition.

What should be expected, or even demanded, is that the leader of a country be capable of compassion for the people he leads.

On Tuesday, Leo Varadkar proved once again that compassion is not his style.

Speaking in Dáil Éireann, TD Gino Kenny told the Taoiseach of a Waterford family who are accessing medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands, at a cost of €9000 a year, that they can no longer afford, as the government has not moved to establish an access programme for medicinal cannabis

He ended by saying: “Taoiseach, this is so important. I’ve been banging this drum for the last two years. I’m so frustrated. Is there a commencement date for the Cannabis Access Programme?”

In answering, Leo

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