Inside Marc Emery’s creepy cannabis empire

UPDATE: VICE News made repeated attempts over several days to obtain comment from Marc Emery prior to publication. He received the questions but chose to respond after publication, in a Facebook post. In the post, he denied multiple allegations. Read more here.

They were called “lotion parties.”

Typically, they would take place after working hours either on the main floor of Cannabis Culture’s downtown Vancouver headquarters or in the vapour lounge on the third floor, according to Melinda Adams, who started hanging out there in the summer of 2008. She was 17.

“We would be smoking weed and there would be the occasional alcohol and then the drugs would kind of come out,” she says.

Adams’ boss, the so-called Prince of Pot Marc Emery, then 50, would walk around offering employees and invited guests, including teenage girls, MDMA and LSD, she tells VICE News. Other former employees tell VICE News Emery gave out

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