Rochdale abuse gang members still in town a decade after grooming scandal

In 2016, then-home secretary Theresa May ruled it would be “conducive to the public good” to deprive the four of the right to remain in the UK.

They then fought, and lost, a long legal battle against deprivation of UK citizenship, losing a final Court of Appeal ruling in July last year.

Eight judges, including the Master of the Rolls Lord Justice Sales, have now heard their case and upheld rulings all four should lose UK citizenship rights.

It has been heard across a series of hearings spanning three years, for most of which the four were legally aided.

At a previous hearing, judges noted the decision to strip an individual of UK citizenship, called a deprivation order, does not automatically lead to deportation order.

They said it was “reasonable to assume”, however, that a deprivation order is a prelude to a deportation.

Lawyers said it is probable the four will invoke the European Convention on

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