Rob Corry Arrested for Strange Denver International Airport Behavior

Over the past decade, attorney Rob Corry has made news in a wide variety of ways.

For instance, Corry helped author Amendment 64, the 2012 measure that legalized limited recreational cannabis sales in Colorado, has staged stunts like free joint giveaways to draw attention to pot-related issues, and was deeply involved in the previous iteration of the Denver 4/20 rally. In addition, he’s represented clients in matters that have nothing to do with marijuana, including Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, the 23-year-old Houston truck driver accused of causing an enormous crash on Interstate 70 that killed four people on April 25.

But Corry has also made headlines because of his own brushes with the law, including four separate arrests going back to 1998 on allegations that ranged from toking at Coors Field to sexual assault on a woman he said he’d mistaken for his wife.

His most

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