Ask Amy: Former lover wants to avoid ‘lifetime’ role as man’s insurance beneficiary

Advice: One hopes his children might receive some money after his death; given the high-drama in his family, unfortunately this might not happen.

DEAR AMY: A man who I was involved with many years ago (we have remained friends) announced to me that he is making me beneficiary on his insurance policy.

I am fond of him, but the relationship didn’t work out because he constantly and consistently made bad decisions throughout the time we were together. We went our separate ways.

He has since had two children with two different women. These children are in addition to the daughter he and his ex-wife had.

He has a very contentious and messy family, including a sister who behaves like some evil twin from a bad Lifetime movie. She has sued various family members. Pure lunacy.

I told him that I did not want to be his beneficiary. He says that I am the only

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