Ask Amy: No ‘Thriller’ for parent over young son’s Michael Jackson obsession

Advice: I don’t assume that any artists are angels (Sinatra, anyone?), but because Jackson has been accused of crimes against children, his legacy carries a unique challenge for fans.

DEAR AMY: My 7-year-old son has recently discovered Michael Jackson. I am having a hard time with it. With allegations regarding Michael Jackson and child molestations, it’s hard to constantly hear his music being played by my child.

My son’s interest is at the point where, for his recent birthday, friends and family bought him a record, an MJ patch to wear on his jacket and a white bedazzled glove.

My son has definitely received lots of instruction about “stranger danger” and such, but do I tell him his musical idol would potentially be a grownup that might want to harm him?

If I told him he simply wasn’t allowed to listen anymore, he would want some kind of explanation. Or do we simply

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