Cannabis Suppositories: What Do the Doctors Say?

There are many medicines you can take orally, sublingually, vaginally, and rectally. So why not cannabis? 

When it comes to cannabis-infused products for women’s health, such as suppositories and tampons, some people see the value while others don’t. 

In the rectum, suppositories melt and are absorbed into the bloodstream. In the vagina, they melt and are absorbed into the bloodstream by the vaginal mucosal surface. The intravaginal use of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD) and THC,  is potent due to the dense amount of cannabinoid receptors found in the pelvis, ovaries, and uterus. 

The recent rise of cannabis-infused suppositories began with the highly-publicized line of female health products from companies including Foria Wellness, which launched to much fanfare in 2013, Quim, and Daye, a new CBD-infused tampon startup out of London. 

The history of cannabis suppositories dates

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