What It’s Like to Deal Drugs in a Country with the Harshest Penalties in the World

‘Hey, you around?’ is VICE’s column asking drug dealers not just what they’re selling, but how they’re doing.

Datu Puti *, 44, is from Manila, Philippines and has been selling all cannabis products (hash, herb, CBD, edibles, medicals, cartridges, etc), for 16 years. The Philippines hold some of the world’s harshest penalties for using, possessing, and dealing drugs. Between July 2016 and November 2018 President Duterte has lead a war on drugs that official reports claim has lead to the deaths of over 5000 citizens. Although human rights groups place the number at closer to 12,000.

VICE: Hey, you around?
Puti: Opo, Kapatid, (yes, sister) how may I help you?

What do you sell and where?
I sell cannabis in its many forms, around the city or sent around the country. We import, we make, we grow, and we source locally.

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