Conceive With Caution: How Cannabis Can Affect Fertility

This advice seemed reasonable—we understood the harms of smoking anything, and studies at the time showed a negative relationship between THC use and sperm health.

So we followed the rules, but I always wondered which ones mattered most, and how much they mattered. Like, if a would-be dad had to choose one commandment, would it be more effective to ditch the monthly joint, or forgo the daily tighty-whities, since snug underwear kills sperm, too? (Important: my partner wants you to know that I concocted these example statements, and he has no comment on either cannabis or underwear.)

More recently, a Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) review and its accompanying podcast offer new perspectives on the issue of cannabis and fertility. It’s decently comprehensive, but the questions that plague most cannabis studies remain, and for the same reasons.

Complicated Cannabis


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