Lucy McHugh Murder: Stephen Nicholson Dismisses Pregnancy Claims As ‘Nonsense’

He said he had written a text message saying he would pay a group of girls to beat Lucy up because he was “angry” after “she tried to grab hold of me” and “tried to push me down the stairs”.

Nicholson said that, on another occasion in the kitchen: “She stood right up against me. I pushed her away and told her to f*** off and Richard came in and said ‘What are you doing, you slut?’”

He said he had been unaware of notes and diary entries written by Lucy about sexual activity with him or that she had told school friends he was her boyfriend.

He said claims by her that she was pregnant and had an abortion were “nonsense”.

He added: “Stacey had numerous phone calls, had to speak to social services, and all I was told was my name had been brought up but everything was sorted.”

Nicholson, a father of

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