Sex worker’s daughter reveals she’s PROUD of her mother’s career

Growing up, Marie Rose always suspected her mother Charlotte was a ‘lady of the night’ – and at the age of 12, she had her suspicions confirmed.

But far from being shocked and appalled by her mum’s choice of career, the teenager said she ‘couldn’t be prouder’ – and it’s a sentiment that’s only intensified as she’s got older. 

Marie, now 18 and a student at university, says her mother – who has been a sex worker since she was 17 – is her ‘role model’ and ‘an amazing influence’ on her and her friends. 

Charlotte’s partner Colin Chapman, a 50-year-old builder and author, is equally ‘unfazed’ by her job, and claims they are no different to any other ‘conventional couple’.

The couple, who live together in Essex and share five children, have been in a relationship for three years and Colin insists he never gets jealous of 38-year-old

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