Locked Up: The killers, sex predator, paedophiles, and other criminals sent to prison in the last month

Here are some of the criminals jailed in Wales over the past month.

They include three men jailed after the death of much-loved dad Anthony Winter in Cardiff, a young dad who shook his tiny baby so hard he had injuries likened to being “in a high-speed car crash”, and a sexual predator who attacked lone women on the streets of Cardiff.

See their faces and their crimes here.

James Jones, John Phillips and Harvey Huchet

James Jones, John Phillips, and Harvey Huchet were convicted of killing Anthony Winter

(Image: South Wales Police)

They were jailed for their part in the “horrific and cruel” killing of young dad Anthony Winter.

The 32-year-old was knifed through an artery and left to die in a pool of blood in woodland near Cardiff – a location a judge had been “carefully chosen”.

Matthew Jones

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