Children in one room, cannabis in the other: The changing face of Spain’s marijuana trade

Growing a few marijuana plants in a private home can easily go unnoticed. With a little care, there’s no smell or noise to give the game away. And for those who are careful, it is easy money. They plant the seeds, accelerate growth with lamps and gather the harvest. The growers are not involved in drying the product or in its distribution. That is left to large organizations which pay a wage of between €600 and €1,000 a month for the harvested cannabis.

A lot of people fool around with marijuana as though nothing is ever going to happen to them, but jail is a real risk and that will change your life forever

Police source

This trend is spreading across the southern Spanish province of Málaga and is blind to sex, age, family situation or social standing, according to the police. “The profile is

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