Jailed in July: thieves, thugs and sex offenders taken from the streets of Plymouth

Judges were pretty busy in July sending criminals into custody.

Vile sex offenders shared the cells under the courts with drug addict thugs.

Prolific burglars followed a dodgy driver who thought himself above the law down the stairs from the courtrooms.

Here is this month’s round-up.

Azad Jalilwand

A disturbed asylum-seeker attacked a charity volunteer and threatened to rape staff at a Plymouth MP’s office, a court heard.

Racist Azad Jalilwand, aged 35, threw a chair at a Red Cross worker and threatened women working for city member Luke Pollard.

The male volunteer was left with a gash to his leg, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Jalilwand phoned the MP’s office to abuse and threaten staff during a series of bizarre calls over several days.

Mr Pollard said after the case that he had threatened rape and welcomed the prison sentence.

Azad Jalilwand, aged 35, has been locked up for assault and threats

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