The Drug Store: the luxury Marylebone boutique that sells CBD

I’m in the posh end of Marylebone, strolling slyly up to the front of a shop called the Drug Store, wondering whether I should be nervous about the potential approach of the police. It’s hard not to feel a little like a man slinking into a Soho sex shop for a seedy magazine pre-Playboy.

“Perhaps the name of the shop is a little provocative,” says Johan Obel, one of its two young founders, and that’s why the location is key. Perched diagonally between the Wallace Collection and Wigmore Hall in central London, the positioning of the sleek, bright space on the site of Damien Hirst’s former gallery is tactically high-end. It sells only luxury cannabidiol (CBD) products, CBD being one of the 113 known properties…

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