Pardons now available for Canadians convicted of simple cannabis possession

Canadians who have been convicted for possession of cannabis can now have that conviction wiped from their record.

The federal government has introduced Bill C93 which enables Canadians to obtain a free, no wait pardon for simple possession of cannabis.

“Instead of waiting five years and paying a parole board $631, applicants will no longer have to wait a single minute and will not owe the parole board a single cent,” said Federal Justice Minister David Lametti.

“We know that this is particularly significant for many in minority communities, including black and Indigenous Canadians who have been disproportionately affected by the enforcement of cannabis laws.”

But anyone still serving a sentence for simple pot possession will have to wait, Lametti said.

“To my understanding no one is actually sitting in jail as a result of a conviction for possession of cannabis,” he said. But some Canadians might still have community service obligations

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