Puff Puff YASS: 6 Queer Entrepreneurs Leaders Revolutionizing the Cannabis Industry

Last time on Puff Puff YASS, we shone a spotlight on five prominent queer personalities who are revolutionizing the cannabis industry through their activism and creativity. This week, we’re continuing to celebrate ingenuity in the cannabis community, highlighting five more queer individuals — only these five pioneers get down and dirty with the nitty gritty of running a cannabis company. They’re all industry folks, from founders and CEOs to creative directors, and they’re aren’t just managing their companies — they’re creating specific cannabis spaces for queers, women, people of color, and kink communities.

Daniel Saynt

Occupation: Founder and Chief Conspirator at NSFW (New Society for Wellness) 

Age: 36

Sexual Identity: Bisexual

Website: www.ns-fw.com 

How did you initially get involved in the cannabis industry?

I was in the fashion world for years, developing digital marketing campaigns for brands like Burberry and Marc Jacobs through an influencer agency

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