Kikoko Cannabis Teas Put the “Herb” in Herbal Tea

I want to admit my bias upfront: I fell in love with Kikoko before I ever tried their products. Their ads are age-positive, body-positive, classy, and cheeky, all at the same time. (Is it possible to have a girl crush on a company?) The company’s two women owners donate one percent of revenues from their line of cannabis tea to medical marijuana research around seizures, and one percent of revenues from their line of cannabis-infused honey goes to honey bee conservation.

Kikoko’s variety pack of cannabis tea includes Tranquili-Tea for “RELAX + SLEEP”, Positivi-Tea for “MOOD + JOY”, Sympa-Tea for “PAIN + ANXIETY”, and Sensuali-Tea for “PASSION + PLAY”.

Kikoko claims that each cannabis-infused organic, herbal tea combines precisely dosed cannabinoids with terpenes and other herbs to cultivate a specific experience. I decided to put their claims to the test with their Taste of

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