Liberals’ cannabis possession pardon legislation now in force: justice minister

MONTREAL _ Canadians with criminal records for simple pot possession can now apply for a pardon free of cost and with no mandatory five-year waiting period _ but they’ll have to finish their sentence first, federal Justice Minister David Lametti announced Thursday.

Lametti told reporters the government’s Bill C-93, adopted last June, has officially come into force. He said the law was the next logical step after the government legalized cannabis consumption across Canada last October.

Canadians with criminal records for possessing up to 30 grams of marijuana will no longer have to wait five years after completing their sentence to apply for a pardon, nor must they pay the usual $631 fee to apply.

But anyone still serving a sentence for simple pot possession will have to wait, Lametti said.

“To my understanding no one is actually sitting in jail as a result of a conviction for possession of cannabis,” he said. But

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