Five steps to a happier vagina? Start here

We often ask ourselves, “Am I happy?” but when was the last time you asked your vagina the same thing? This is a serious question: In the wellness conversation, our sex organs often get left behind in favour of detoxing mushroom teas, yoga retreats and meditation apps. But as millennials take a more forthright, holistic approach to their sex lives (crystal dildos, anyone?) and women talk more openly about sexual satisfaction, new and innovative ways to honour our bodies and put pleasure first have emerged.

Don’t know where to begin? The first step: “Love your body,” says Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, a Toronto sexual wellness expert with the Canadian sex toy company We-Vibe. “It’s a revolutionary act in a world that wants you to hate your body and profit from it.” Here are five of the latest ways to show your vagina some love.

Vagina painting parties

I recently went to a vagina painting

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