Legalizing Marijuana Has Created a Black Market Plaguing Riverside County

There is a new sheriff in Riverside County, and he is attacking the illegal marijuana cultivation that’s plaguing his community in Southern California. Sheriff Chad Bianco was elected in November 2018, and has taken on the growing black market with a vengeance.

The illegal industrial size marijuana grows are bringing in dangerous criminal elements, along with environmental hazards that together are creating a humanitarian crisis.

Quality of Life Disturbed by Illegals Grows

Before Sheriff Bianco was elected to lead the Riverside County Sheriff Department, he was stationed in the community of Hemet. It was at the Hemet station where he began to attend public meetings in the mountain community of Anza, a rural desert city in Riverside County where people ride horses, ATVs and everyone knows everyone.

Their way of life changed when the illegals growers moved in. Bianco said residents in the small country town were finding themselves confronted by armed men, pets

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